Elder Law Newsletters

Assignment and Claims

It is rare that a patient has to file a Medicare claim for a few reasons. First, those who receive their care through Medicare Advantage Plans (formerly Medicare+Choice) need not file claims at all. Those companies are paid a monthly fee by Medicare and do not have to file claims.

Employment – Older Americans and the Peace Corps

The arm of the United States federal government that is designed to promote world peace is known as the Peace Corps. In the Peace Corps, volunteers live and work in developing countries, known as host countries, helping to train and educate residents. For example, Peace Corps volunteers have helped educate people about AIDS, business development, and information technology.

Housing – Who Pays For Home Care Services? – Public Third Party Payors

Generally speaking, there are three methods of payment for home care services: self-pay, public third-party payors, and private third-party payors. Self-pay is the default payment option for home care. Whenever home care services are not paid by other methods, the patient must pay for the services.

Insurance – Long-Term Care – Potential for Fraud

Insurance companies, perhaps more than any other type of company, depend upon written contracts to define the terms of their liability with their customers. Like other companies, their attorneys carefully modify their contracts to comply with laws governing the insurance industry.

Prepaid Legal Service Plans

More and more, prepaid legal service plans are offered to help consumers access legal services at a reduced cost. These plans are often described as a form of insurance because a monthly premium is typically paid in exchange for the right to receive some forms of legal services free and others at a reduced fee.